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    首頁 > 產品中心 > Hamilton OEM組件 > 微量注射泵 > PSD/4 高精度微量移液泵

    PSD/4 高精度微量移液泵


    • 產品型號:
    • 廠商性質:生產廠家
    • 更新時間:2023-11-20
    • 訪  問  量:6365


    • 30毫米行程長度

    • 多種安裝選項-前方、后方、頂部、底部和側面

    • 易于維修:模塊化設計可快速插拔更換

    • 小巧的外形適用于有限的空間

    • 符合RoHS要求和CSA認證

    • 可用于符合CE認證的裝配中。



    Hamilton Beginnings

    The history of the Hamilton companies began in the late 1940s. Clark Hamilton, a chemical engineer, who had studied at MIT, developed a lead shielded syringe for precision handling of radioactive isotopes in collaboration with the Lawrence Livermore Radiation Laboratory near Berkeley, California. Upon relocation to Whittier, California and his garage there, Clark Hamilton’s activities quickly focused on the need for microliter liquid handling in the field of chromatography. By his effort, Hamilton became the world leader in sample handling for the field of chromatography, and in 1960 the fledgling company outgrew the family garage, proudly moving into its first of many rental facilities. These precision microliter syringes would provide the sample introduction to a chromatograph where precision, accuracy, and reproducibility were key in the separation science of chemistries. Even today, they remain the standard for use in chromatography.